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“Sprint International’s staff do so much more than store, manage and distribute our publications - they are part of our marketing team.”

From our facility at London Heathrow, Sprint International provides a complete range of fulfilment and mail services. Dealing with a single supplier for all your marketing distributions saves you money and management time. With all your material in one place we are able to fulfil all your large distributions, sending via our UK or international mail networks. Our team is able to offer every method of fulfilment from mechanical enveloping through to polywrapping and hand packing.

As soon as new stock arrives from your printers, our staff will check the quantity. Your stock levels are then updated and can be viewed from your PC within a few hours. Our system will also send you an email alert to inform you of the delivery to our warehouse.

To ensure things run as smoothly as possible, we like to work closely with your marketing department and, where appropriate, your design department and printers, thinking ahead about the distribution of your material. We discuss how best to pack your material, to save any wasted time or expense when it is received in our warehouse. We also advise on any generic stock coding to ensure that everything is labelled correctly providing you with accurate stock levels via the stock management system.

Sprint International is also able to store and distribute all your exhibition material, branded items and corporate gifts, simplifying the job for you and your events team, with everything in one location all ready to go at a moment’s notice.